Woolf Works – 2015

All images Courtesy of ROH

Woolf Works – Wayne McGregor – The Royal Ballet 2015

Part 1: I Now, I Then 

Alessandra Ferri, Federico Bonelli, Edward Watson, Gary Avis, Akane Takada Beatriz Stix Brunell, Francesca Hayward, Tristan Dyer

Part 2: Becomings

Sarah Lamb, Steven McRae, Natalia Osipova, Edward Watson, Melissa Hamilton, Gary Avis, Akane Takada, Tristan Dyer, Francesca Hayward, Paul Kay. Eric Underwood, Matthew Ball

Part 3: Tuesday

Alessandra Ferri, Federico Bonelli, Sarah Lamb, Meaghan Grace Hinkis, Donald Thom, Camille Bracher, Luca Acri, Leticia Stock, Matthew Ball, Anna Rose O’Sullivan, Sander Blommaert, Gina Storm-Jensen, Marcelino Sambé, Isabella Gasparini, Téo Dubreuil, Jacqueline Clark, Benjamin Ella, Hannah Grennell, Tomas Mock, Tierney Heap, David Yudes

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