Christmas at the Royal Opera House 2014

Sarah Lamb as Alice - Courtesy of ROH

Sarah Lamb as Alice in the Royal Ballet’s production of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland 2014 – Courtesy of ROH

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland – The Royal Ballet 

Alice – Sarah Lamb, Jack/Knave – Vadim Muntagirov, Mother/Queen of Hearts – Zenaida Yanowsky, Lewis Caroll/White Rabbit – Ricardo Carvera, Father/King of Hearts – Gary Avis, Cook – Kristen McNally, Magician/Mad Hatter – Donald Thom, Raj/Caterpillar – Eric Underwood

Christmas at ROH 2014

Also featured in The Ballet Bag

ZooNation perform The Mad Hatter's Tea Party - Linbury Theatre, ROH

ZooNation perform The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party – Linbury Theatre, ROH

The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party – ZooNation

Ernest – Tommy Franzen, Queen of Hearts – Teneisha Bonner, Alice – Lizzie Gough, The Mad Hatter – Issac ‘Yurbo’ Baptiste, The March Hare – Shaun Smith, Tweedle Dum & Tweedle Dee – Rowen Hawkins & Ross Sands, The Cheshire Cat – Duwane Taylor, The White Rabbit – Corey Culverwell

Official Production Photographs for the ROH – ZooNation – Mad Hatter’s Tea Party ROH 2014

Featured in The Financial Times, Victoria Sadler, The Telegraph, Londondance, The Independent , TimeOut


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